Stardoll is discovered by Avril

August 16, 2010

Stardoll pictures Avril created a medoll called Dolphindol pic 3

Originally uploaded by Tamzina and Avril

Avril is on holiday with her family and her best friend, Susan. They are in Abersoch, Wales. Avril’s father (Martin) has connected his laptop to the Internet while they are all in the garden of the holiday house. Susan takes the opportunity to introduce Avril to, who immediately loves it. She very quickly creates a medoll called Dolphindol.. and the rest is… history.

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YouTube video – Tamzina and Avril

January 23, 2010

A video on YouTube showing a selection of pictures from Flickr about the Tamzina and Avril adventure story being written in Twitter

Character spotlight: Martin Roan

January 1, 2010

Martin Roan is the father of the two main characters, Tamzina and Avril. He has a middle name which he does not like, but was given to him by his father. Take the poll in this post and see if you can guess what it is!!
Martin Roan loves his XBOX 360.

Martin Roan's XBOX 360 from

Martin Roan's XBOX

Martin was born on the 1st May 1976, and works as a webmaster in the local business park in the town of Wigglestead. He loves technical things like PDAs, iPods, computer games and anything new. He is an easy going guy, and loves his wife, Jill, but has some weird quirks! One of his weird habits is wearing strange odd clothes. For example, he has a pair of bright blue trainers, which he likes to wear with his brown track suit when he goes jogging. Here is a tweet from the Tamzina & Avril Adventures (August 2nd 2009) where he wears this odd combination:

“He was wearing his bright blue trainers and his old brown tracksuit, which Mum always wanted him to replace with a new one”

He likes to be up to date, and so listens to the news a lot. Maybe someone will gift him an iPod Touch, which he loves, but he does not have one yet! He has a varied music taste, including Robert Palmer, T Rex, and the Electric Light Orchestra. In August 2009, there was a series of tweets featuring Martin playing air guitar to Mr. Blue sky by the Electric Light Orchestra. He enjoyed it so much he fell over, which was made more embarrassing when he found out that he was being secretly watched by his daughters, who found it very funny.

Martin’s favourite fun activity is playing FIFA 10 on his XBOX 360. Here is a tweet from the story where he is having fun on his XBOX 360:

Martin who was playing with his XBOX 360 on the above floor shouted loudly, “Get in there my Son”. He then added “On his head mate, GOAL!”

He was recently challenged by Tamzina’s best friend, Maci Martinez, but that game ended in defeat for Martin, as Maci turned out to be quite an expert on the XBOX:

Tamzina and Maci did a high five. Martin protested, “I thought you could not play FIFA 10″. Maci smiled and said, “Did I say that?”

Martin does have an arch enemy, and that is “Snap the dog”. Snap the dog picture from

They seem to have a friendly rivalry. Snap is the pet dog belonging to Madeline, the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Winter who own the local sweet shop in Moorsville. Here is an example of the relationship between Martin and Snap the dog:

Martin was disorientated and lost balance while Snap was barking close to his heels. Martin stepped backwards and fell into Gestelle Lake.

I am sure that they will have many more little clashes, as the war is clearly not over:

Snap was sitting with Madeline in the back of her family’s parked car. Martin and Snap’s eyes locked as the cars passed each other.

Martin loves his three daughters, and spends as much time with them as he can. He likes making up bedtime stories from events that happened to him during his life.

In summary, Martin may not be the backbone of the Roan family, that is definitely Jill, but Martin is the fun parent, who really never grew up, and always makes his daughters laugh, sometimes unintentionally!

Introduction to the Tamzina and Avril story

September 19, 2009

The Adventures of Tamzina and Avril. Follow the young adventurers as they grow up in a town in the the English countryside. Young girls seeing the world through innocent eyes, with imaginative minds! They are the Twitter adventurers. There are some interesting characters that they meet in their town. Doctor Cecil Henry, Eva Gabreal from Australia and her fish Nemo, the Rubber band man, Snap the dog, and Mrs. Ramsbottom the Moorsville park attendant. These are just a few to mention here. There are also some people to avoid, like the rough boys who live in Gordonsville!

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